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Ongoing Ulrich Family Research


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Researching family history is fun and rewarding.

The History of Our Family

For anyone doing research in the state of Minnesota, there is a great web site available. - This site is from the Minnesota Historical Society. This is an online index to deaths in Minnesota beginning in 1907.  They are expanding rapidly.  The site is very easy to work with and the information arrives quickly.
You can also search through a birth index on this site.   By doing this I was able to track down my elusive Great-Grandmother Jennie Lindholm Ulrich.  I found out that she was born in Minnesota.   I also found her parents names.

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I am always looking for new information. Take a minute to go through your old pictures and papers. I have even found things in old books and written on old calendars.

I found a calendar of Grandpa's where he logged every stop and what he spent between Minnesota and Missouri.

This gives you a unique look into the past and how we live our lives.