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The History of Our Family
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Sorry I have not been active in keeping this site up to date.   My computer crashed at home and I lost everything.    I am slowly rebuilding and have come across a lot of new information.  Check back soon to see what changes have been made.  
I look forward to hearing from you with ideas or suggestions.

This page is dedicated to researching my Ulrich family history. Our branch of the Ulrich family tree grows from the state of Minnesota in the Stillwater/St. Paul area, although they also resided in Thief River Falls and Hendricks, Minnesota at different times.

I have traced the family from New Bergholz (Niagara Co) New York, to Tacoma, Washington, although they seem to start and stop in Minnesota. The Ulrich family originally came from Germany.

Surnames on my paternal line include Ulrich, Klamann, Lindholm, Meyer, Digre, Lichtenberg, and Neske.

Research on my maternal line is centered in Bland, Missouri. Surnames include Terrill, Hawkins, Pointer, and Eaton at this time.

I have been lucky on the Terrill side recently.   I have finally found that elusive "next" generation!  I will post the information here on the Terrill page as soon as I get organized!

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The Terrills

The Terrill Family: Standing - Cleon, Elmer, Elva, Lowell (my grandfather), Earl, and Gertrude. Seated - Francis Jane Hawkins Terrill (my great-grandmother), holding Georgia, then Opal, George Washington Terrill (my great-grandfather)holding Velda.

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